El Forastero y Geometría Caníbal presentan:

Un maravilloso y extraordinario concurso de narrativa fantástica:

¿Dónde está la cabeza de Dick, Doctor Hanson?.

Inspirado en los sorprendentes y metamórficos sucesos reales ocurridos a dicho especialista y que han dado la vuelta al mundo recientemente -o por lo menos a la Internet.

¿Dónde está la cabeza de Dick, Doctor Hanson?

Contest In English

Gracias a Centauro, del foro Blade Zone podemos publicar las bases del concurso en ingés. Los cuentos participantes tienen que ser en castellano (o traducidos al castellano) pero de esta manera esperamos llegar a un público más amplio.


1. This contest for short tales, if possible fantasy or sci-fi themed, or even magic realism or any other variant or style, is called "Donde está la cabeza de Dick, Doctor Hanson" (Where's Dick's head, Dr. Hanson?) inspired by the strange events that happened to the famous doctor, which can be read here. The tales must tell theories, stories and adventures about this missing head.

2. The lenght of the submitted, previously unpublished works, must go from 1 to 5 pages, and some formal criteria are expected, such as orthography, syntax and grammar (ok, that means your tale must be understandable, readable and nice).

3. Works in any planetary language will be accepted, provided that they come with their respective translation into spanish. We will consider the possibility of accepting works in other languages such as dead languages, cuneiform writing or extraterrestrial languages.

4. The works will be properly published in this blog as they come in. Works must be sent under pseudonym and, if possible, with an original image representative of the topic: the head of Dick (sharpen your creative skills, authors)


5. Format: A text document in *.doc, *.rtf or *.pdf format.

6. Entries must be sent via email to whereisdickshead@gmail.com, the text file and graphic file(s) must be in attachment form, and the body of the email message must contain the author's name, country and city of residence, title of the tale and your chosen pseudonym.

7. Entries will be accepted until the end of september 2006, so everyone can participate. No time alterations will be allowed.


8. There will be a first, second and third place, awarded in a date to be announced in this blog.

9. The first prize will be an electronic musical portable device, from a renowned brand. Also, the first place winner gets an original, genuine tridimensional object, a PKD bust replica, made by an unknown and efficient sculptor.

10. Second and third place will be awarded with cultural gifts plenty of printed types and images.


11. Upon closing date for entries receipt, a jury, highly qualified and duly formed to that end will be appointed. We count on the participation of well known experts and promising movie stars (come on, we don't have the slightest idea of who will help us with this compromising task. Still, several candidates and lovers of the Dickian universe will be invited to join us as judges).


12. The promotors of this initiative deny all responsibilities regarding the eventual failure to comply with any of the preceding terms caused by external events as, for example, sudden alien invasion of civilizations coming from Orion's belt, Crab nebula, or visiting veterans from near and future wars. We also deny all responisibilities in case of meteor strike, formation of time-space loops and other paranormal phenomena afecting this continuum.

13. We promise to avoid a narrow outlook and to try and trespass the fine layer of reality.

14. By default, all texts belong to their respective authors. Any further project with these same works will be renegotiated. This document, this website and this project are registered under the Creative Commons license.